One Piece Gold

  • Thought I'd start a thread for One Piece Gold. Do you think Funimation might give it a Battle of the Gods theatrical treatment? I've heard rumors of it being about Gol D. Roger and others about it taking place in a casino like setting. I would love to see the Roger story in a film.

  • I am pretty sure Funimation will dub it, but since One Piece isn't as popular as Dragon Ball Z, I think it's less likely for a theater release. If it does, they may just do a one day release rather than 7 days. Who knows though, the fanbase is growing, anything is possible.

  • The one thing that gives me hope is the fact Attack on Titan and The Boy and the Beast thing. I'm sure we'll at least get a Blu Ray release at some point if nothing else.

  • I agree its not a popular show but you never know we might get lucky and get our wish granted

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