These Eps. should be a hour long.

  • I see that it is a detailed world the creators want to build but because of this, I'm no getting enough story. Great character development and nothing else. I think they should make it an hour long episode to kind of move the plot. 3 Eps. in and I'm hoping the 4th is where they pick it up story wise. Give it a watch and see what you think.

  • Doesn't work that way, unfortunately. All the episodes are finalized and they're already working on the Blurays. Not to mention, it is rare to see a non-OVA that is an hour long. Ridiculous five minute shows, sure, but anything longer than 30 minutes on TV? No. The anime industry has a formula they like to stick to.

    But the world is probably written in more detail in the light novels. Here's hoping they get translated and distributed internationally.

  • I kind of want to wait until this finishes airing. It does make it pretty impactful though. When something does happen. It's just frustrating to watch, then wait a week.

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