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  • Dear, people of funimation,

    I am an avid anime watcher and I am wishing to share an idea of a possible anime. I will share with you the details that I figured out. This is an idea and you can take it any way you want to but a few key points that would be nice. The genres for this anime is : action, romance, drama, thriller, magic, mystery, fantasy, martial arts. This anime takes place in Romania about the 1700's the main character is a male about 18 years of age about 5'9" he has black hair that comes down to the center of his forehead he wears a black duster trench coat as well as dark clothing underneath his name is William, he is a Native American but no one in the town knows because he does not look it. He is an avid hunter and he sells his goods from hunting in the center of the town he is also skilled in martial arts. The people know him reasonably well he is popular with the women and this makes some of the males jealous. However he is a mysterious character no one really knows what he does which adds to his popularity. He one day runs into a beautiful woman with platinum blonde hair her name is Amber however she hates the name and would rather be called Ann she is about the same age as William she is about 5'4". Ann become acquainted and soon friends and things escalate to marriage in a duration of 2 weeks. After a big argument she runs out William cases after her but she gets away she does not return. The next day Ann has not returned he heads out to go to work to find a note on his door it read "So Sorry." This frightened him as he walks to work putting the note in his pocket. He is going to the town square noticing a crowd looking up at the post in the middle of town. He looks up at the pole and drops to his knees at the top of the pole is amber head stuck with the blank look of sorrow. This destroys William this first made him turn to tears then anger. He swears that he will find Amber killer and make them pay for what they did.

    The rest is all up to you guys. I ask for a few things though. This CANNOT be Naruto. Can you make the show no less than 24 episodes but no more than 30. He Closes his shop and becomes an assassin-like figure when he goes to kill someone he wears a mask with feathers from predatory birds attached and he only kills people that were involved in the killing of Amber. William has to find and kill Amber's murderer. William has to die by execution in the end. William has to find a woman similar to Amber and she has to fall in love with him however he rejects her because his love for amber is forever there and he cannot fathom of remarrying another . His last words before he dies are " I will be with you soon, Ann.". He is a very good archer and fights with a tomahawk, knife, and a rapier (bow for long and short range when facing multiple people).

    Those who area vid watchers of anime do you think this will make a good one? Writers Animators and owners of funimation (and any others who would like to give me ideas of what can work) email me if you have any questions concerns email:

    Thank all of you for reading this and I hope you can make this idea a reality.


    Dale L. Foster II,

  • Hi Dale. Welcome to the forums.

    Thank you for sharing your idea with us. Unfortunately, we're the wrong people to be talking to. Contrary to what some may believe, FUNimation does not actually make anime. They only license it from Japan.

    Please read this. It will explain everything in detail:


    Can I submit my original idea for an anime?

    Unfortunately, we cannot accept or consider creative ideas, suggestions, or materials submitted by outside sources, such as original artwork or ideas for characters, stories, products or games. To avoid any confusion as to ownership of intellectual property, it is also our policy not to circulate any such submissions to other persons in the company. For more information, please read our Terms of Use policy.

  • Hey, so we don't make anime, but if you want to keep writing, I won't object to reading the next installment. Keep it up. ^_^

  • Hey someone from home. (Indiana.)

  • I can see you put a lot of thought into this, unfortunately FUNimation doesn't make anime. They license what's already available from Japan.

  • Does anybody know where I can go to possibly get this idea approved? Possibly a person associated with makers of Anime or manga writers?

  • Japan is a good start

    But you'd either have to become a well-respected director who is given the opportunity to create an anime-original series, or become a successful light novel or manga writer in a serialized magazine and then hope a studio contacts your publishing company about adapting your story

    There's some storywriting contests that happen every once in a while, but I'm pretty sure they're restricted to people who live in Japan and can speak Japanese. And again, it would likely have to be successful and then serialized before anyone took it seriously as a possible anime

  • Anime Convention exists for a reason… like ComicCOns used to be so. Find people. Talk to them. Best to get someone to make a storyboard layout with core plot. Remember the story is only one piece of puzzle... the Character Design/animation is far more important (looking at u hentai) alas...

  • . . . or learn to draw and make it yourself. It only takes one person to make a comic or a novel. There's no reason for you to think you need approval from anyone. Just draw it yourself.
    If you just make your own comic and post it online, or upload it for sale as ebooks, there's nothing that makes it any less legitimate than a comic published in a monthly magazine in Japan. If it's good, that is, but that's also all up to you and how much you practice.
    If you're really that intent on getting it adapted into a film medium, a popular self-published comic also has a better chance at that than an unmade pitch.

    In this day and age, there's really nothing stopping anyone from making the story they want to see and putting it out there for people to read.

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