Please Improve Translation Quality (Specifically HaruChika)

  • Ever since No-Rin's simulcast, some of your simulcasts have suffered from some pretty severe translation issues like Concrete Revolutio (I heard they were so bad Daisuki stopped using your translation midway), Seraph of the End (This was even worse than No-Rin's somehow), and now HaruChika. With HaruChika it's not just English grammar issues and such, it's the translator completely failing to understand what was being said in Japanese. Entire scenes are changed because of this, some of the worst errors from episode 2 below. (If you need more reason why this is a HUGE error…)

    Before you brush this off as "Oh, it's just some elitist fansubber.", the person that made those tweets subscribes to CR, and in the past has praised official translations, CR AND FUNi.

    I'd suggest finding better translators because it's errors like this that can really ruin someone's understanding of a show (Ex: See how say Bandai ruined Banner of the Stars back in the day). Having to wait for the subs to be fixed right before the Blu-ray hits is not acceptable.

  • I agree, they have been getting very weird as of late. It's been killing the enjoyment of the shows and it feels like I'm watching a bad fansub from the early 00's.

    I know I've been skipping out on a lot more simulcasts because of it.

  • oh, there he/she is. was wondering where this translator would pop up this season. got replaced halfway through No-rin, and seraph so maybe the same will happen again

  • No-Rin was really great, I think there was one point where the person just left notes right in the subs. It's sort of astounding they don't have an editor who can, at the very least, correct grammatical errors and other weird things, or maybe at least provide a sense of uniformity between subbing styles, since you've got people who are very straight-laced, people who really like using italics like in Assassination Classroom, or who love CAPS LOCK AND EXCLAMATION POINTS LIKE IN SHIMONETA!!!

    That said, Crunchyroll also suffers from its fair share of translation errors - my favorite example is the first season of Testament of Sister New Devil, which, as far as I'm concerned, wasn't even translated by someone who can speak English. But I think they have the benefit of soft subs, which allows them to correct egregious errors without having to upload the whole video again. Seitokai Yakuindomo, for example, had some weird subbed notes in brackets where the translator was basically asking if they should change "hello" to something else because it was redundant to the "hello" immediately prior. I think that error was corrected in a few hours, thanks to soft subs

    I think it's a pain to find people to write quality subs, though, because it's a job that doesn't pay well, and anyone who's any good at it can probably find a more lucrative job doing something else

  • Damn. I've been watching Haruchika and I found a few of these moments to be really confusing, but I thought that was just the plot of the show (which is already confusing on its own). Glad to know that it wasn't just me having a hard time understanding the show, but also that the subs made it confusing. This is one of the reasons I wait for dubs, but I'm a sucker for mystery anime so I watched it right away.

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