Kannagi - Crazy Shrine Maidens

  • I was wondering if anyone else had ever seen this.

    I caught this one as a brief episode, and eventually, a long while later watched it. And I have to say after just recently checking it out, that was surprisingly good. The ending theme makes it feel very akin to the ending theme for C3.

    What ever happened to this one? Any ideas why it didn't make bigger waves? Honestly this is one that should have sold well and fits right in with a lot of older classics…

    Anyone else seen this? Impressions?

  • From what I can recall, Kannagi came out near the end of Bandai's life. It wasn't dubbed because Aniplex wasn't willing to help foot the bill, which might have been one of the reasons it never received strong sales. What's even worse is that because the ownership of the series went back to Aniplex after Bandai's demise - and taking into consideration that Aniplex has absolutely no interest in doing anything with their back catalog of shows not named Gurren Lagann - odds are the chances of it ever getting a physical re-release are next to nothing. :hmm:

  • Well that is too bad,

    This one really just was that good, it fit right alongside some of the classics. Too bad it never had the chance to take off because of Ani.

    Nagi is something like Belldandy meets Holo.

  • I feel very fortunate to have snagged a DVD set of Kannagi.

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