Noragami sound track?

  • Where can I get the sound track for noragami?

  • Pretty much the only option is to import if they aren't on iTunes (and they aren't as far as I see). I got the first CD from CDJapan, along with several other items. They are a very reliable site. The first CD is currently in stock, the second is up for pre-order with the release date set for March. The second had previously been released a couple months ago but there was an issue discovered with one of the songs that halted sales maybe a week after release as the disc was recalled to be reprinted without that track on it.

    If it's on JP iTunes you could buy some Japanese iTunes gift cards and set up a Japanese iTunes account to download. But I think it's simpler to just import the physical CD.

    The opening and ending themes are not included on the OST CDs, if you're also looking for those. Those songs, at least the openings anyway, are on US iTunes.

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