Defect in Noein Limited Edition Packaging

  • I bought the Noein limited edition set from Amazon. The first copy I got, the Blu Ray cover (the paper inside the plastic) was all scrounged up like it was squeezed or something and then put in the case. I got a replacement and it had the same exact defect.

    I have been waiting for this kind of release for Noein for 10 years. It is my absolute favorite anime. Is this a problem with the manufacturing? Did I just get a copy from a bad batch? I'm paying for a brand new item and I am a collector, so, It does really bother me a lot. If my third copy is defective again I may just give up and get a refund. Can you guys give me an answer as to whether or not this is normal, or are you working on a fix? I have never had this problem with a Funimation release before and I love you guys.

  • Better off sending a support ticket to make sure the right people see it.

    Where do I send feedback about your products?

    We appreciate all feedback that we receive and do take it to heart. Please visit our support page and fill out the form. Under "Reason for Contact", please choose "Shop & Products - Product Concerns".

  • Yeah, you're going to want to send in a ticket to They'll get you taken care of. :)

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