Food Wars

  • There needs to be hentai O.V.A.s for food wars with tities and no pixilation!!!

  • "This forum is only for suggestions"

  • First off, FUNimation does not make anime. So asking them to create hentai OVAs for Food Wars is a waste of time.

    Secondly, FUNimation does not own the rights to Food Wars. Sentai Filmworks does. Sentai doesn't make anime either, so asking them to make hentai for Food Wars is also a waste of time.

    Thirdly, unless the creator of Food Wars, YÅ«to Tsukuda, approves it (which is extremely unlikely), the production companies in Japan can't make a pornographic adaptation of his works. So asking JC Staff to make hentai for Food Wars is, you guessed it, a waste of time.

    And lastly, the Suggestion Box forum is meant for people to post recommendations on how to improve the forums and website in general, not for them to say what anime series they want to see porn of.

    For the record, if you really want to see hentai of the characters in Food Wars that badly, I'm certain there are no shortage of NSFW images out there on the internet for you to look at. Just make sure your Safe Search is turned off. ~_^

    With that in mind, I'll be locking this topic. Sorry for the confusion.

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