Is there a way or any plans to allow people in Aus to use FUNi streaming services?

  • I could pay for a subscription to this site but it still wouldn't allow me to watch any videos. I saw that a new streaming service is being introduced in Febuary I was hoping that would allow me to watch the videos but on the page where you sign up for it, it says it's for US and Canada only. Why can't we just watch the videos in Australia? The DVDs and Blu rays come out here, so it's not like it isn't legally available in this country. But they are way more expensive and I can't afford to keep buying them all the time. I'd happily pay the subscription fee, if there were any point to it.
    I was just really hoping that this new service would finally enable me to stream english dubbed anime. I know Crunchyroll works here, so why not FUNimation? Even their youtube videos are blocked, including trailers. Honestly, it's things like this that turn people to piracy. I'm not saying I'd do it but the temptation is deffinitely there.

  • is about your only option.
    FUNI hasn't even started their UK service yet, it'll be a while, if ever, to reach Australia.

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