Just a suggestion

  • I realize there's already a poll thread about your new logo, however that's not really the type of discussion I'm here for.

    Before I get to the matter at hand I'll say this: Compared to other mediums, Anime can be very different. They can tell stories and use characters that is hard to find in other places. And because of this reasons I believe that just as Anime can be unique so does your look.
    Your new logo is by no means bad, it's just a bit disappointing.
    Nowadays a lot of business logos are plain and uninteresting and I don't really want that from you. It should stand out and parallel your company's work.
    Your past logo did a good job at this by using good composition and that unique font. Should you go back to it? No!
    You're changing your look, improving yourselves, so a new logo is a great way to go. However, the current one is a case of one step forward, two steps back.
    I'm no graphic designer and I may not be the best at compositioning but I tried to create one myself: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0ESXTbWyDgkU0I1cGpOZFY2Q0E/view?usp=sharing
    It may be simple, a bit messy, and stuff can be added like using the art assets from the FunimationNow page but this is just to show the direction I mean.

    I realize big changes can't really be changed again so fast so i'm just offering this as a basic suggestion. The most I ask for is to know that someone from the staff actually read this, that is all.

    Thank you, and I wish you luck with your plans for FunimationNow!

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