Blank/Black Player Issue

  • If you are seeing an issue where you can play a few seconds/minutes of video, please see this thread instead:


    This issue results in a blank/black screen, where you can see the logo of the show, and the FUNimation logo at the bottom in most (but not all) cases, but no play button. You should be able to see all the rest of the website, just no video player. If you are seeing any other behavior other than this, you likely do not have this issue.

    There are two main potential causes of this issue, and two sets of steps you can use to resolve the issue.

    Resolution A

    If this is your first visit to, you do not need to attempt this solution, just go straight to Resolution B. If you have ever been to, please try this solution first:

    In IE, Chrome or Safari: Delete your cookies and cache and try reloading the site.

    In Firefox: Delete your cookies and cache. If this does not resolve the issue, you will also need to right click on the page and choose "Inspect Element" from the dropdown list. Click on the "Console" tab in the window that pops up, then type localStorage.clear() This should resolve the issue. (getting an error, here, is actually expected and is fine)

    If you need help with this process, please submit a ticket.

    If this does not resolve your issue, please proceed to Issue # 2

    Resolution B

    Please test several episodes from a few different shows and make sure you are seeing this issue on all of them. If you are only seeing the issue on one or two videos, please submit a ticket with the name of the videos you are unable to view in the ticket. If the issue is happening with ALL videos, please try the following:

    1. Make sure Adobe Flash is updated (if applicable) and that you have the most recent version of your browser.
    2. Disable Do Not Track. (this may be enabled without your knowledge, as some other programs will affect this setting)
    3. Disable NoScript. (you will know if you are running this)
    4. If you are using Hamachi, or any other VPN, please turn it off as well.
    5. You will also need to disable HTTPS Everywhere, if you are running it. You cannot whitelist, you need to disable entirely, but you do not need to remove the app, just click disable, and re-enable when you surf elsewhere.
    6. Check to see if you are running Kaspersky. Kaspersky is a virus protection/security program. If you are running Kaspersky, please submit a ticket with the reason code "Other Video" and mention that you are having this issue and need the Kaspersky directions.

    If you need any assistance with performing these steps, or have any questions about them, please submit a ticket asking for that assistance.

    This issue happens when communication between our servers and your computer is blocked somewhere. The list we have above is not a comprehensive list of things that can block the player, it's just the ones we've discovered. You may be able to do some additional troubleshooting on your own. If you figure out how to get it to work on your computer and the thing that was blocking you is NOT listed above, please also submit a ticket letting us know what you did. Thanks!


    Issue Status

    Affects: some users, all browsers, all OSes
    Status: User-End Resolvable.
    Troubleshooting: See above.

    Update (4/10) - We have recently resolved the issue through Kaspersky as well. Currently, we can resolve this issue through troubleshooting in 99.9% of the cases of people currently experiencing it. I am leaving this thread open and up here so that users can resolve the issue without submitting a ticket in most cases. We're also still looking into what we can change on our end to have fewer people experience this issue to begin with.

  • By the way, I know that this is a bit belated, but thank you to the users who mentioned HTTPS Everywhere and helped us to add that troubleshooting step!

  • Shoutout as well to the users who helped with the Kaspersky issue!

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