Ah still no word huh?

  • It's Monday now and after people getting mad at me for being pissy at Funi for not putting up the terror dub last Tuesday still on word or any thing any where to what happened or letting the dub lovers who been waiting without saying anything about what happened am stuck to how I feel about the company being until un professional and unfair to the customers who paid or trying out this company just for that show I feel now it's about time someone put some type of memo or something small to say" hey the terror dub is not going to happen sorry for the inconvenience "something ! But nothing and its been days but am just wait a few more days but also I emailed the company last wed about it and nothing yet but am going to be blame for bringing up the customer service and am pissy about it but guess what it been 7 days now nothing has change time to say something.

  • I'm not really under the impression that anyone is upset at you for bringing it up, and I am still waiting on additional information about the issue.

    However, I am going to lock this thread. We aren't going to censor anyone's anger for how things are handled, but we do ask that you keep it to the thread for this particular issue.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    I will say that I searched through our support system and could not find the e-mail you referred to, which may be why you haven't gotten a reply. :( There were no tickets in the system from the e-mail address associated with this account either. You may want to resubmit.

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