Senran Kagura

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    Genres: action, drama
    Themes: ninja

    **SYNOPSIS:**Curvy Asuka and her girlfriends are typical high school students – except that they’re secretly learning the ways of the ninja! Get an education in action-packed naughtiness and sexy slapstick fun, as Asuka’s gorgeous gang takes on the hardest-hitting – and hottest – fighters in town!

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  • Been confirmed for a while but for anyone hiding under a rock Senran Kagura is going to be released on home video by Funimation in 2014.

    I assume there will be a dub since this anime is already pretty popular because of the video game franchise.

    Shame Xseed Games didn't bother to ask Okratron5000 to dub the games they licensed; then fans could've heard the dub cast early that Funimation would eventually use.

    Maybe if Senran Kagura the anime sells well Xseed Games will change their mind and dub any future Senran Kagura games with the Funimation cast

    Don't know why some gaming companies can't just make everybody happy and include both a dub and Japanese audio track. NIS America does this and they're arguably the most successful of the gaming companies that license Japanese games.

  • Dubs are expensive, and Senran Kagura wasn't even released Physically. It was given a bare minimum chance, luckily it passed. Either way, personally I'd never use a dub for Senran Kagura, their voices are already too unique and reflect their characters perfectly.

  • well yeah, before the Dec announcement of a home release, there wouldn't haven't been a physical release.

  • Aside from the general dubbing expenses, there's also numerous other factors including developers/publishers, resulting in widely varying terms of every game contract, marketing and PR, which could severely affect the licensed game's chance of receiving an English track. The only hopes for the games receiving a dub are if the later releases sell well enough.

  • I, myself don't mind dubbed anime because even though the Japanese voice actors are better, I take in more emotions hearing and watching rather than reading the bottom of the screen. I wish I found enjoyment out of subbed so I wouldn't have to wait though.

  • Love Senran Kagura, fan of the games, so enjoyed the Anime as well, though personally think its a missed opportunity that they haven't done anymore Seasons of Senran Kagura, as i'd buy them in a heart beat

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