This show…

  • I'm honestly not sure what to think about it yet. I really want to see the 2nd episode though to full get what it's about.

    So, for things that I do have an opinion on:

    1. It was less ecchi than I was expecting. I mean, the whole f-drive was <insert word="" of="" preference="" here="">but it could have been more standard.

    2. The show really seems to mix Ghost and Excel. I wasn't sure if it would but it did. At times it felt serious, almost verging on deep, but then it would return to humor.

    3. I want to see more of the story. Currently I'm getting the feeling that the one chick is going to in charge of an "evil" organization. I want to see what they'll do with that. Also, if nene will ever figure it out.

    4. The level of tech and some of the robots really make me think of a Ghost-lite setting and I like it. I like the not fully developed cyborg tech.

    5. The art feels interesting. I guess it's not all that good but I never really noticed. It just felt like they used it to add to the humor. Maybe it's just my non-elitist take to the art in shows I like (not everything has to be gorgeous) or maybe it was just a style I like but it didn't bother me.

    I guess I'll post more after the 2nd part. This really feels like a 2-parter episode so it's really hard to judge it.</insert>

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