Fairy Tail dub episodes 213-265?

  • When is funimation going to start dubbing the rest of the fairy tail episodes? They started with 12 episodes every month or so, but there hasn't been an update since November. Does anyone know when they'll begin dubbing the rest of the show?

  • well, they haven't stopped. Tyler Walker and crew are constantly working on this show. the next set will be out in march and will finish up the Celestial Spirit rebellion arc, or what ever you call it. So right now they are probably working on the Fire Village or possibly even starting the Tartaros arc. the problem here is that they are slowly catching up, and Japan wont let U.S. Distributors release shows on DVD/BD close to their own disk release. so what this means is that the wait time between each DVD/BD release is going to be longer than the last.

  • What Getchman said.

    They're still working on it and the next batch of episodes, 213-226 will come out around Feb/March so to speak. Though if you DO want to know something interesting…..after the Tartaros Arc they'll dub every single episode only a few weeks after initial broadcast. Thought you should know that.

  • I am so glad I clicked on this post. I was about to start by saying this needed to be moved to the shows forum, but then learning that after the tartaros arc the will be simulcasting it, worth it… never mind me.

  • I just thought it was odd because there wasn't anything on the schedule for it. Thanks for clearing that up

  • Well it turns out that the schedule itself is slow to update properly. But yeah, they announced that all future episodes after the Tartaros Arc would be Broadcast Dubs only a couple of weeks after that episode is released. Considering they're really close to actually catching up with the broadcast it makes sense.

    And yeah the next Fairy Tail part releases in March so it'll probably be on the site around that. Give it time, and be patient. You'll be getting plenty of Fairy Tail content soon.

  • So wait is fairy tail over? I heard that there is a spin-off called fairy tail zero. I assumed that the original fairy tail show was over.

  • no, its not over. the story is just taking a temorary break to go back in time to when Mavis stated the guild

  • Ok question, Can you watch Fairy Tale Zero without there being any spoilers??

  • @leadthemorfall:

    Ok question, Can you watch Fairy Tale Zero without there being any spoilers??

    Yes, you can watch Fairy Tail Zero with no spoilers. But, you need to skip the intro of episode 266 until you don't see Natsu anymore, and stop watching once you've seen episode 275.

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