• Does any one know when fairy tale zero will be coming out also how many episodes will be coming out when it comes out

  • The question I have is will they be dubbing the main series while they are broadcast dubbing this spin off

  • BTW, I thought for the Japanese premieres we should continue to use the latest anime episode talkback thread.

    And when the dub episodes comes in February, we start a separate thread for that, if that is okay?

  • Fairy Tail Zero is going to be part of Fairy Tail proper. The main series is going on hiatus after the Tartaros Arc and the Zero Arc will begin at episode 266. The episode is set to air tonight in Japan, so we'll probably see it pop up here on FUNimation shortly afterwards.

    And yes, they will continue to dub the back catalog episodes of Fairy Tail at the same time they're doing the broadcast dub of Zero.

  • "Fairy Tail Zero, Episode 1" is "Fairy Tail, Episode 266". Scroll through the seasons and click "Zero".

  • Would it really kill you guys to start listing your shows with proper Season segmentation, its getting a bit ridiculous to navigate this stuff.

    Also when I click on something that says "Fairy Tail Zero" I do not expect to be dumped onto the main series page and expected to figure it out for myself. Whether or not it is rolled up into the main series in Japan, you don't advertise something as one thing and make it look like a separate series and then dump users on the main page for said series.

    Especially when "Fairy Tail Zero" isn't anywhere in any of the episode titles.

    Also I'll just echo how lame it is to jump ahead with dubbed content like this. I suppose this is once again Funimations lack of a diverse dub staff rearing its ugly head.

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