• We have all been waiting to watch the dubbed version of Terror in Resonance, and maybe something happened and you guys have been unable to stream them but what I am upset about is the fact that you guys haven't sent out a statement explaining the situation. You guys haven't apologized for the delay or even mentioned terror in resonance, heck now when you look at the schedule on the side of the website the anime's name is no longer there as if it wasn't scheduled to be released . Most of us have been waiting patiently, yet it seems, by the way you have yet to give us any details, that you don't give a s**t about the way we feel. I love funimation but this is very upsetting.

  • I think that everyone will agree, we're all pretty upset about the fact that the dub hasn't aired yet. There are two other posts about this already and someone from FUNimation has responded and is looking into it. Unfortunately it's a situation where we are going to have to wait and see what happens. Depending on the schedule, if it is past the "air date" that could be why the show is no longer pulling in on the schedule. I checked as well since I was anticipating this greatly this week and thought I may have missed something.

    IMO, I don't think it is because FUNimation doesn't care. It's a new year, new simulcasts, new dubs, and the regular everyday grind for all of their staff. Keeping my fingers crossed that fans either hear something soon (or even better that the dub airs). I know that the dub will definitely be worth it, just a matter of being patient in the meantime.

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