Funimation On Demand on Fios TV

  • Hello,
    I have been watching Funimation On Demand on Fios for some time now. (Great shows, thanks) In the last month or so episodes of shows
    (Noir, Stein's Gate) have been freezing up about 4/5 of the way thru. I don't know if this has to do with Fios or with Funimation; in fact, I don't understand how On Demand works, but it is pretty annoying to be left hanging 4/5 through the 19th episode of a show I have been watching for months. I was just wondering if someone knows what is up with this?

    Also I was wondering if there is any consideration to creating an app to watch Funimation content on Samsung Blu Ray Opera Store? That is something I would pay money for!

    Forgive me if this the wrong forum to ask these questions.

    Thank you, Chancy

  • Strange coincidence. I was watching episode 15 of Steins;Gate on demand and during the episode the part with the black guy with glasses it froze on me.

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