Better All Around App / Web interface and more

  • So here is my list in no particular order.

    1. The systems should be synced. When I watch something on my android app, I want to be able to continue on my ROKU when I get home. Right now I have to remember where I left off which can get annoying.

    2. Quality (Roku App). There should be an option to always play the highest definition. I hate it when I go to a video, and have to click play, then select quality. It adds unnecessary clicks. I have 105mbps (95mbps average) internet speeds. I know I can stream high quality.

    3. User Interface - The user interface is different for each app. It should be like netflix. No matter what device you are on, the buttons are in about the same spot.

    4. Color Scheme - The color scheme is all over the place. The website has one scheme, the android app has another, and the roku app has another. This is very annoying.

    5. TOO MANY BUTTONS (website) - it looks like if the whole site was created in wordpress, and no one knew how to do CSS and HTML. Im not asking for a lot, but there is way too much to look at.

  • Already on it.

  • @Sophie:

    Already on it.

    Will this update also fix the color range issue for episodes?

  • Yes, it will. That issue is a result of hard-coded subtitles. FunimationNow will use soft subtitles, but not at launch. Shows will be converted over time.

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