Question: Funimation Broadcast Dubs' BD/DVD Releases

  • Hi,

    So from Funimations blog back in 2014 when they announced broadcast dubs:

    "Following the release of the FUNimation Broadcast Dub, FUNimation will continue to produce a final English dub for the DVD/Blu-ray release, using materials from Japan"s DVD/Blu-ray release. This final version can be different from the broadcast version, including uncut footage not seen in the broadcast."

    The broadcast dubs are censored and are the dubbed versions of what aired in Japan (I think), and these DVD/Blu-ray releases that they mentioned in 2014 will supposedly be the uncensored, blu-ray quality that was released in Japan. However, only a few of the broadcast dubs have had their BD/DVD versions announced (like Psycho Pass 2), and most of the broadcast dubs, even their first ones such as 'Laughing Under the Clouds' has yet to have their BD/DVD version announced…

    So, tl;dr: Are funimation still working on a BD/DVD release for all their broadcast dubs and only a select few have been announced yet? Or have they decided to ditch that idea and only release BD/DVD for the most popular ones?

    (I hope it is the former, as the censorship in the broadcast dubs gets to me, the 'uncut footage' sounded nice, and some BD releases have much better/cleaned up animation and are often much more enjoyable.)

  • Rojas mentioned on ANNCast a few months back that if a show gets a broadcast dub, it is pretty much a shoe-in for a home release. So worry not. :)

  • It's also worth noting that just because we're dubbing the shows "early", the rest of the process to move to physical release still takes the same amount of time it always has and still has the same reasons it can take longer. The Broadcast Dub doesn't make any of that either worse or better, it just means you have the Broadcast Dub first. :)

    Edit: I don't know what, in particular, the timelines look like on the things you mentioned. I'm just speaking in general.

  • Ok great, thanks for the info and quick response

  • I got a question on this subject, not really reguarding the physical releases, but the videos, when episodes of shows get simulcast and / or broadcast dub releases, do the TV versions of these episodes get replaced with the Blu Ray / DVD versions on the website when they come out on video?

  • Until BD/DVD prices in Japan drop (not happening anytime soon for many reasons) do not expect any American BD/DVD releases to come out any less than a year or so after the final volume in Japan comes out. The reason is that in Japan most people do not buy many BD/DVDs and so the target demographic in Japan for sales of BD/DVDs are collectors (e.g. hardcore Otaku) and these people are willing to pay $100 or more for one volume (usually two episodes). However, if an American company releases a BD/DVD soon after an anime ends, it would be easier, not to mention cheaper, to import it from America, noting the on-time and negligible cost of a Region 1 BD/DVD player.

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