Funimation Twitch Channel

  • While I sent a email to funimation directly , and they replied saying I should post it here.

    I basically said the following.

    funimation should simulcast the funimation channel on twitch which would be great with the social interaction. If not a direct channel feed to twitch, maybe a custom playlist of older anime titles funimation has.
    This was based on the fact ATT was the only provider left showing the actual channel , and not just on demand that has a small rotating base of titles.
    Now that funimation is planning on a channel relaunch, a major twitch push would be sweet for the social anime watching experience. I mean look at certain illegal sites which I will not name which have a similar watch with each other set up. Its nice to be able to talk and watch.
    I guess this would now depend if funimation is able to get the channel carriered by the top what ever cable providers cox, comcast, att, fios , and such. Time will tell, but I'd still like that older anime title playlist idea ;) and it would only take a pc with a internet connection at funimation hq to do so and someone to actually set up the pc with digital files and make weekly or a monthly playlist mixed in with funimation adds :p

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