If AO had more original ES characters appear, could Funi get all the original actors?

  • What if Renton and Eureka weren't the only characters from the original series to appear in AO, they were able to get Stephanie Sheh and Johnny Yong Bosch to reprise their roles, but what if some of the other characters appeared, what is Annemone, Holland, Dominic, Tahlo, etc., could Funimation have gotten Kari Wahlgreen, Crispen Freeman, Kate Higgens, etc., to appear in their Texas dub?

    I know it doesn't mater, but if those characters I love came back, and they had different actors, it wouldn't be the same. I mean you do not have someone other than Crispen Freeman voice Holland, and you don't have someone else voice Annemone who is neck and neck with Haruko from FLCU and Charmcaster from the western cartoon Ben 10 as my favorite Kari Wahlgreen character, so you can imagine I would be if someone other than her voiced the English version of Annemone.

  • they would not have been able to get Crispin Freeman. he's union and is not allowed to work on non-union dubs

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