Noragami Aragoto English dub?

  • I prefer the English dub to this show (even though i don't mind subs). So far, without problem, I have been able to watch the show in dub, up until season 2 episode 9 (or episode 21.) I thought by now all of the dubs of the rest of the season would be up. Is it because they never made them? Or have they just not been updated yet? This really bothers me and if I could get an answer soon that'd be great!

  • broadcast dub, so one new dubbed ep a week

  • Man, I first watched this on Netflix and they only have the Subbed version, just watched the first episode on here in the dubbed version…..It wasn't too bad, but I think the dub voice actors in this show failed to completely capture the personalities of their characters.... Just didn't fit in my opinion. Of course my opinion so far is only based off episode 1 so I will see once I am a few more in.

  • Yeah I would say give it a couple more episodes. I'm finished with season 2 of the dub and it's definitely one of my favorite shows. All of the VA's are really strong on this one.

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