Stream schedule update?

  • The schedule is almost empty. I'm honestly surprised it hasn't been updated yet. I've been wondering when the next set of episodes for One Piece and Fairy Tail will be available, but the schedule hasn't been updated to show any new upcomings. Has the schedule been forgotten? Has Funimation been too busy to update it? What's wrong?

  • They've announced pretty much the majority of their Winter Simulcast Season already but I imagine they still have to iron out the details on what days the new episodes will premiere. So once that is settled and ironed out they'll have a much larger Stream Schedule again.

    You can also probably expect more dubbed episodes of things such as Kingdom, Lord Marksman & Vandis, Tokyo ESP and a few others around that time frame too. And the next part of One Piece also comes out at the end of January too.

    It's not that they're lacking things to add to their Stream, it's more that they just haven't had the time to update it yet. Though once we completely confirm when all the new Simulcasts will be airing then we'll probably get the list updated once more. Also it's been a pretty long holiday week from Christmas to New Year's so everyone's probably been busy. Give it another day or two and things'll probably start getting updated soon enough.

  • Yeah i hope they go all out on the dub's this year the selection is create already would love for it to get some new additions more dubs the better.

  • Agreed - I hope that it was just an oversight not to update the schedule over the holidays. (Especially with all currently streaming Broadcast dubs like Heavy Object & Shomin Sample, and the upcoming releases in Feb. like The Marskman & Vanadis.)

    Hoping for some good news and updates soon! :)

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