What exactly is the diff. between Noein's limited edition and its Blu-ray/DVD ed?

  • I love Noein: To Your Other Self and when I heard it was going to get a Blu-ray release, I was immediately interested. When I learned there was to be a limited edition as well, I became excited.

    However, I'm going over the pre-order pages for the Limited Edition and the Blu-ray & DVD version and…er...

    ...what exactly makes the limited edition different from the blu-ray/DVD edition? (<--links)

    The details and special features lists, unless I'm mistaken, seem to be the same for each.

    There's no description that explains why the limited edition is limited.

    Am I missing some press release or something that has the explanation? I don't recall seeing it spelled out in any of them.

    As much as I'm a fan of the show, I'm not going to shell out that much money unless I know exactly what I'm getting.

  • Probably a cardstock artbox , as usual.

    Oh, there's more:

    This limited edition contains episodes 1-24 of Noein -to your other self- on Blu-ray and DVD plus 8 full color art cards, in a collectible chipboard art box with foil print.


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