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  • Dear Reader or Funimation-
    Hi my name is David Martin, and i am looking to get hired onto funimation, i will be moving to Texas here the coming year 2016, and i was wondering how do i go about getting hired onto the company, most people who get hired on would love to be a voice for a cartoon and even though that would be my end goal my over all goal is to work for funimation in general, and i don't care what job it would be its my dream to work there and to move up within the company, i care very deeply about the company and want to put my passion and all my energy into it for the company, I am currently attending school and will be going to UNT as well shortley, ill be doing an internship for radio as well. so any suggestion that you can give or help with please let me know and it would be greatly appreciative and thank you for reading this, and thanks for all that you do. Sincerely David Martin.

  • Thank you TIL your awesome.

  • Wow, now that's a screwy poll… I would think people would do this for the voice acting portion...

    That said.... if you can do both, and from what it sounds like Voice Acting is not a full time thing and doing one could be the steady paycheck while doing the other... doing both might not be a bad plan. I guess computers would be the steady work in between your VA rolls.

  • It's a very difficult place to get a job interview, let alone a job offer, but everyone there is an excellent person. Hopefully you can find something that's right for you

  • I want my daughter to get into voice acting, she is brilliant, I been a massive fan of voice acting for a long time it's somthing I wish I done but I'm 30 and too old now, but my daughter is amazing.. She can turn on emotion and off again.. All my friends say she should get into acting.. How do I go about taking the first steps to getting her into it before it too late

  • Look in the "About Us" section. At the top of the screen, there's a link that says, "Apply for job".

  • Mostly the secret to voice acting seems to be:

    1. Be an actor
    2. learn how to do voice work

    The vast majority of voice actors are either former or current stage or screen actors as well. Be a good actor first, then learn how to translate that to the booth. So I would definitely concentrate that way in terms of training.

    If your end goal is to get a voice acting job, I would NOT attempt to get a different job at FUNimation and scoot over. I guess it's possible that it would increase your ability to meet people and network, but realistically, you're going to get hired as a VA because of your skills, not because of your convenience.

  • Admittedly I should probably retract a little bit what I said earlier….

    It is different for me, given that I've actually done both. I was trained in TV/Radio, so my voice is already there... I've actually been a TV reporter before and done Radio. Also I have done computers as well... its second nature to me, and I mean the high level stuff not local helpdesk although I've done that as well.

    Some people may or may not have the talent for both... they may only have the talent for one or the other...

    Honestly I am capable of switching easily between the both of them... others that may not be the case.

  • If you want to be a voice actor, you should concentrate on that. "Getting your foot in the door" by working somewhere else in the company just usually doesn't turn out as well as people want to believe it will. As far as which of the two you should actually pursue, that's up to you. ;) I'm just saying you shouldn't take the computer job as a "lesser" job on your "path to being a voice actor".

  • Heh… don't get me wrong my friend... honestly if I had the opportunity to do voice acting I definitely would in a heartbeat.

  • @CJ what about sound/audio engineering jobs? What's the demand like for those? I've got a plethora of experience in sound engineering and recording, as I own a recording studio that caters to musicians. But the demand for studio sessions is not quite as high as I would like, being as I live in the weatherford/mineral wells area. Just curious. I've thought about sound/audio engineering for movie, tv, ad, but I like Texas and don't really want to move to, say California, where the movie industry is biggest. Thank you much in advance for taking the time!

  • From the FAQs:

    We’re always looking for passionate, talented people to join our team. We frequently posts job openings on Linkedin and

  • Anyways, I am Elric Atchison, a voice actor in Milpitas and I am looking to get hired to Funimation.

    I am planning to get work as a voice actor for Funimation to begin with, which is why I am moving to Texas, on the year after next. I have been in on Casting Call and BTVA projects, prior to planning to moving to Texas. I will leave my next demo in the near future for this thread, I hope for you all enjoy the next demo, coming in November.

    -Elric Atchison

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