Roku Channel playback issues - stopping after 5 minutes or 4:30 minutes - RESOLVED

  • As of the launch of Roku OS 7.0, any Roku channels using Roku's default video player, like ours experienced various playback issues. Issues included the player stopping playback after 5-6 minutes with no interaction from the user and the player stopping playback 4:30 minutes after the user fast forwards or rewinds.

    As of Roku OS 7.0 build 9044, we believe these issues to be resolved. Please update your Roku to the latest firmware.

    Go to Home > Settings > System > System Update > Check Now

    OR on your Roku remote:

    Home + Up + Right + Up + Right + Right

    If you experience any other FUNimation Roku Channel issues, please check out the FUNimation Roku Channel FAQ or contact us at and choose "Technical - Roku Channel" as the reason for contact.

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