Is it permisible to take screenshot from Attack on Titan Anime ?

  • is it permisible to take screenshot from Attack on Titan Anime, and then make a video review with slideshow, upload it to youtube and put adsense ads next to it ?
    like this

  • @TheAncientOne:

    Sounds like fair use to me:

    so it is allowed even i get revenue from that video ?

  • @fawxyz:

    so it is allowed even i get revenue from that video ?

    Regarding use for commentary or review, there is no distinction between commercial and non-commercial use.

    Keep in mind fair use is what is known as an "affirmative defense". It doesn't prevent the copyright holder from issued a DMCA take down request, or suing you (unlikely), it simply provides a defense if they do.

    Use of material for review has a long history behind it, which is why you would be unlikely to be sued. The chances of the party prevailing are basically nil if you were doing a true review or commentary (i.e., their content was greatly outweighed by your own commentary on it or review of it).

    The basic test is "does it harm the copyright holder". Showing a number of screen grabs or even a few brief clips from a show doesn't impact a company's ability to market their work. In contrast, showing the entire episode and then following it up with a 2-3 minute review wouldn't qualify.

    If you are using only screen grabs, and not even clips from the show, you shouldn't expect any problems, even from YouTube's automated screening (which doesn't take possible fair use into account) or an over-ambitious copyright policing agency that issues DMCA takedown requests first and asks questions never (assuming Funimation even employs one rather than doing it themselves).

  • so if i take a screenshot from an anime that was obtained illegally, for example:downloading anime from internet.

    1. downloading anime from internet is illegal
    2. but using the screenshoot, as long as it doesn't harm the copyright holder (i'm not sharing clips just pictures) is permisible

    is my statement right ? or wrong ?

    thx for your reply. i really appreciate.

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