• I believe funimation should take advantage to this heated arguments between one punch man and dragon ball z. my thoughts on this matter that one punch man should be the god of destruction in his universe after killing whis and berus in a unfortunate turn of events when berus steals pudding from one punch man. this in turn should start a huge tournament with all the gods of destructions being called in to fight each other in a universe that only has one giant planet with no life on it. after all that leave that up to the creators of dragon ball z and one punch man to decide.

  • maybe !

  • this should be after goku gains a ton of power so he can actually fight them on even grounds. then again id love to see one punch man to be the strongest god of destruction berus was talking about. it would make for a interesting turn of events to see goku and all the gods of destruction get into a huge battle that one punch man wins but actually gets hurt. not too badly hurt just all his cloths gone and cuts all over him.

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