Yato's True Name?

  • How/When did Hiyori learn Yao's true name? Was is mentioned in the episode where she was looking for anything mentioning Yao in books?

  • part of the kanji in his name has a different meaning and pronunciation. she realized that when looking at the shrine she made and took a chance it was his true name

  • Yeah, the second character in his name has an alternate reading as kanji (boku, 卜, which means divination), but she and everybody else had been reading it as the more commonly used katakana (to, ト) since that's what Yato himself had been using. She had been thinking that Yato might not be his real name earlier (when she was researching and trying to learn more about him), so when it was actually revealed that it wasn't… I'm not sure why she was shocked, but I guess it still hurt that someone she trusted and cared about like that didn't trust her back enough to be completely honest about who he is.

  • Yes but the moment when she managed to call him and he realized someone cared enough and was clever enough to get him out was awesome. Having now finished both seasons I am just amazed at how hard I got pulled into this one.

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