Possible Second Season? *SPOILERS*

  • Ok guys, the season of Dance with Devils is over. And obviously, now we're left to wonder if we're gonna get a second season of the show. So be warned before you enter this thread; there will be spoilers as the objective is to break down any loose ends in the plot, as well as the overall rating and enjoyment of it. Ready? Let's go.

  • I just finished the series tonight, after a LONG hiatus over Christmas.

    The ending was a bit of a let-down, though now that I think on it this is both deliberate and brilliant. "Choose whether you want to live as a Devil of a Human, Ritsuka!" Of course, this means being separated from the Evil Sexy Student's Council - can't have our heroine surrounded by an unwanted harem and risk her normalcy!

    From a writer's perspective, it works beautifully: it frustrates the viewer, to see the build-up towards Ritsuka Choosing A Boy fizzle out, returning the series to the status quo at the beginning. But this works very well with the hint at the end that Lord Maksis returns: he'll be the new narrative thrust for Season 2 and this can give a whole new reason to reintroduce the harem element (which the show's target audience loves so!) now that the demons have a reason to return to the material world and vie for her attentions.

    I'm hopeful this does get renewed: there is a strong female fanbase in Japan (the fact that dreck like Diabolik Lovers or Amnesia gets tonnes of spinoff content speaks to this), and seeing more of this decidedly pleasant mixture of Gothic sensibility and a gutsy heroine who is neither sidelined nor victimized by her potential romantic partners would please me greatly.

    Now if only I could convince MY Pomeranian to sing in a choral arrangement…

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