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  • So, I just placed an order for blu-ray season 1 of Is This a Zombie, and noticed that it is rated TV-MA, and for A Certain Scientific Railgun S, and it is rated TV-14. But both of these products on Amazon are listed as Not Rated. Why, and what is the difference here. Please let me know quickly so I can cancel my order if need be. I do not buy censored or edited products.

  • Since nobody could tell me the difference between the amazon versions of these two products and the funimation site version I went ahead and canceled my order until I can find out why they are different.

  • Lol it has been 30 min give people a chance to respond!

    There should be no difference between the products sold here or on Amazon. I think anything that has been released for a home video release on Funi will be uncensored. I know that Is This A Zombie is uncesored for the Funi release. Now sure of ACSR as I have never watched it.

    Also this FAQ may help:

    Are any FUNimation products edited or censored?
    Usually no, FUNimation DVDs or Blu-rays are not censored. Any censorship present was part of the original Japanese release. If you have any questions about a FUNimation release, then please visit our support page. Under "Reason for contact", select "Shop & Products - Product Concerns".

  • Sorry, I wasn't trying to rush anyone but under policies, it stated if i don't cancel the order fast enough it won't let me then I have to go through the whole return process. It seemed to me there should be no difference between the products (being released from same company and under same name). Yet, both list a number of differences, like different ratings, different # of discs, different aspect ratio so I thought I should ask first.

  • Amazon might just be wrong? The unrated just means that it has not been rated by the MPAA which I don't think a lot of these are. Funi actually assigns the ratings for their releases. I dont know why the discs are different.

    If you are ordering from Funi the Amazon post doesn't matter. I would trust the post on the site you are ordering from.

  • Thanks for the answers, I was kind of telling myself the same thing about the Amazon listings just being inaccurate.

  • Yeah Funimation assigns their own ratings to their shows as they deem it appropriate, independent of actual official broadcast ratings, which explains why Amazon wouldn't technically have ratings for their shows

    For the record every Funimation physical release is uncensored, no matter where you buy it. The only outlier is Sankarea, which was an accident and was recalled a few days after its release

  • The rating system (in the US at least) is 100% voluntary. It is not necessary for a company to rate their product according to any standardized system. However, failure to do so results in an "unrated" ranking by most organizations. If one wants to release a movie nationwide (again in the US only), one must either conform to the MPAA rating system or release a title as unrated, which is pretty much a kiss of death to any release that is not a niche piece (or on television it must conform to the TV content rating system). Funimation in general does not release it's titles as theatrical releases or general television so it uses its own rating system which is basically the US TV content rating system. My question to you is did you not google the content rating systems in the US before posting this? If I did not study international law personally that is what I would have done and wikipedia would have provided all of the answers to your questions and you would not have had to go through the drama of "canceling" your order (I do not believe that you posted a serious question in regards to an order and canceled it in half an hour. If your question was that important you would have waited to place your order in the first place. I think it is much more likely that you wanted to make the deadline for priority mail for the holiday season and you thought mentioning one person canceling one order would lead to faster responses). So in effect my question is why did you post your question? You can find out what each of the ratings that Funimation uses means with a quick site search and what the general meaning of each is in the US with a quick google search.

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