When are the next dubbed episodes scheduled to release?

  • I have watched all dubbed episodes up to 433. I went to STREAM and clicked Schedule, but I could not find when the next set of episodes were going to be released. Does anyone know when the next dubbed episode are going to be out. And if you do, how did you find it?

  • The physical release is out on January 26th, so the dubbed episodes from that release should be out for subscribers two weeks prior on the 12th

    But, y'know, you should probably become a subscriber so that you can legally watch it ;)

  • Thank you.

  • Riles, I have watched this show in it's entirety frame by frame 7 times now. I think I'm insane because all other shows seem bland in comparison. It's so bad I started to buy all the collection box by box.

  • I hope this info. is correct because I can not tolerate One Piece not in its english dubbed version. Please do not misunderstand as I do also watch some other animes that are eng sub. Also, it's my favorite and the reason why am a subscriber or even visit this website.

  • I look at it like this just like the japanese actors that do the voices theres a set iconic view in the actors you get so wrapped up in them having two different versions is a good thing it also helps you adapt to a different language. So look at it like this play it in the english version or japanese version. and listen to the languages. of the actors. i guess it is a little deep but helps you pick up other languages quicker without thinking about it. And it makes it more enjoyable so when it comes to dubbed versions i could say one piece is probably a head of its time. on learning language. So dont knock parities or dubs when those people worked very hard. it shows bias and ignorance. it shows imaturity or you just not a tolerable person.

  • Well I understand your statement and I am not immature or attempting to insult anyone/group but rather its a matter of personal preference concerning this specific anime.

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