Episode 25? Dates!

  • Hey, I'm new to Funimation and it's quite different from Crunchyroll/Netflix.
    In that, I don't know when each episode of Noragami was released, nor do I know when the next episode is coming. Like every Friday, Saturday, etc. I watched the first season on Netflix awhile ago, and just found out about season two. So when I created an account on funimation (the only place I could find it on), 12 more episodes were there and I just assumed that was all of season 2.

    But at the end of episode 24 it says "on the next episode" as if theres one next week or something? Or is that just a mean cliffhanger and I have to wait for season 3?

    Not sure, but yeah just wondering the days it comes out on, and if the season is over or if I shall be expecting another ep soon.

    Zen Mouse

  • The next episode airs on December 26th.

    Look forward to it! ^_^

  • Are there going to be 26 episodes instead of 24?

  • ^There will be a total of 25 episodes on Funi. Season 1 was 12 eps and season 2 is 13.

  • I thought I was cliffhangered at episode 24 into the next season (cause I did not look closely enough). Is it unusual for two seasons of a show to actually have a 12/13 format? I don't recall ever seeing that before.

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