Aquarion Evol Part 2?

  • I was just wondering where is the second part of Evol? Its not on the schedule for release yet.
    I admit I have only been following Funi for about a year now but up until now their two part series releases have all been at the same time. Just wondering if I missed something somewhere, some announced problem with part two's release, previous Funi policies or practices, or an announcement of a new policy to try out splitting up the release dates of dual part series?

  • Eureka Seven: AO was released on two different days. Future Diary was going to be released on two different days until part 1 was delayed. Steins;Gate was released on two different days, and Robotics;Notes part 1 has been announced for a February release without an announcement for part 2 yet

    While an uncommon practice, it's not unheard of, and it mostly just comes down to what's ready and what isn't

  • k thanks, well heres hoping they release it in a reasonable amount of time

  • Yeah whats taking so long funimation arent u taking a little too long to release the next episodes?

  • I've been putting off buying and streaming part 1 until some news of Part II has been released. Honestly, I'd all but forgotten about it with the lack of news.

  • Looks like the release date is set for May 27, 2014

  • In the commentaries for episodes 1 & 9 the actors talk about knowing what happens in the yet-unreleased Part II, leading me to believe that it was dubbed at the time of Part I's release. So why the 5 month delay?

    Also, in the first episode commentary, Brina Palencia refers to Otakon 2013 as though it hadn't yet happened, though the con happened 4 months before the release of Part 1. Could this series really have been entirely dubbed ~10 months ago?

    The mystery around this one thickens.

  • @sidereal_presence:

    So why the 5 month delay?

    licensing issues, according to Adam and Lance several Funi ANNCasts ago

  • @Getchman:

    licensing issues, according to Adam and Lance several Funi ANNCasts ago

    Tragic, but nice that Funi addressed it. I don't really do ANNcast. Maybe I should.

    …still sad that Adam/Lance bowed out of the "Industry Insider" panel @Otakon2013 :(

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