Bring android 17 back to dragonball z

  • 17 is my favorite character of all time, he's cool, refuses to be controlled, always wants to have fun and is an awesome fighter. I don't get why they kept 18 in the series but left 17 out. I think that if they make another DBZ movie they should bring 17 back and I have an idea about how they could do that. We know that Whiz can travel back in time from Resurrection F, so what if he could travel back to when piccolo was fighting 17 and when cell interrupts the fight, have Whiz kill cell. I mean we never got to see the end of the fight between 17 and piccolo, but I think we all know that 17 would have won. But I think it would be a great way to bring 17 back. Any thoughts?

  • May not be exactly what you're hoping for, but you might give GT a watch for more 17.

  • to be honest no

  • I know he's in GT, I just think they should bring him back in another DBZ movie.

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  • There should be a third option: No.

    17 is pretty cool, but we learn that he is even weaker than Android 16. Android 16 was a much cooler character than Android 17, in my opinion. Yeah, it would've been interesting to see more 17, but the series was not about 17, it was about Goku.

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