Fan made dub cast:

  • Tanukichi Okuma - Josh Grelle
    Ayame Kajo - Jessica Calvello
    Anna Nishikinomiya - Alexis Tipton
    Raiki Goriki - Christopher R. Sabat
    Otome Saotome - Monica Rial
    Hyoka Fuwa - Jamie Marchi
    Sophia Nishikinomiya - Stephanie Young
    Zenjuro Okuma - Patrick Seitz
    Kosuri Onigashira - Leah Clark
    Oboro Tsukimigusa - Morgan Garrett
    White Peak - Ian Sinclair
    Base Black - Mike McFarland

  • I definitely agree with Alexis Tipton playing the part of Anna. She just fits so well as that part (Saya Kisaragi from Blood-C is a good example). If I were to choose ONE person. OOOOOOOOOOONE. PERSON. To play the part of Okuma, it would probably have to be Josh Grelle as well (see Yukiteru Amano from Future Diary for reference). I agree with your choices and I really hope this gets a release and soon! Maybe with a limited edition copy? One worth the money and not that trashy "limited edition" that they did for Dragonar Academy.

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