Episodes Missing From App - RESOLVABLE…?

  • We have confirmed that some content that should be showing up on the iOS and Android apps for EVS members and for paid users of the app is not showing up.

    We have confirmed a fix for one type of issue that may be causing this, and should be able to resolve at least one type of issue fairly quickly.

    We have also confirmed that there is an additional issue causing some other episodes to not appear. We are looking into this issue. We encourage you to make new tickets if you notice any episodes missing from the apps, letting us know which episodes are missing so that we can correct this issue.

    Issue Status

    Affects: iOS and Android, Paid and EVS users only
    Status: Half Resolvable, half under investigation
    Troubleshooting: No user-end troubleshooting, however if episodes are reported missing, we can usually get them back up quickly.

  • Everything I have told you is wrong! :D

    However, we now know how to fix this issue!

    If you are seeing an entire show missing from the mobile app, it's likely that we do not have mobile rights to the show. However, if you are seeing just a couple of episodes of a show missing, and those episodes are available on the website, it's likely that you're seeing this issue.

    Please submit a new support ticket with the "Mobile & Tablet Apps" reason code, along with the precise episode numbers that are missing and we should be able to resolve this issue.


  • This issue is no longer occurring in it's original form. De-sticking.

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