I just finished Tokyo ESP, then looked around…

  • Hey everyone, So I just watched Tokyo ESP and then I looked around google to know if they would be continuing this awesome show. I would probably have posted this in that show's forum, but there was only two posts there from last year, so I am posting it here hoping to see a little more traffic and hopefully an answer to my question. There is no information going either way in whether they will continue making this show. So any info you may have gathered would be greatly appreciated.

  • very unlikely. it didn't do too well in japan

  • Really? That's kinda shocking. I woulda been sure they would renew that one. I mean it got a 7/10 by the majority of viewers. I know of things that did far worse and still got renewed.

  • well, that would be because they sold well enough to earn another season. scores have no part in that

  • Sigh. As a business owner, I understand the whole money making stuff. Although as a person, I still prefer selling quality over quantity… business business business...

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