So… They only retreat? *possible spoilers*

  • I liked the first season enough of this show but the second season has me wondering… Can they only ever retreat? Its been established that yu's squad has the most powerful of demon weapons ever conceived for humans (while they arent i guess complete like gurens) and yet even they cant go toe to toe with nobles without having atleast 6 people helping and some random event that turns the battle in their favor. And it seems the reoccurring pradicament with yu is really leading me to just not finish watching this show, that being THEY ALWAYS RETREAT. Everytime the same routine plays, a noble or multiple nobles wipe the floor with everyone, and yu somehow manages to grasp more power despite everyone saying its past human capability. Then just before he goes on a rampage and might actually acomplish something story wise other than add another distraction to the vampires, hes knocked out or otherwise incapacitated and hauled off to fight another day.... I wouldnt have an issue with this if it only happened one time, but this has been happening ever since season 1! And we shall never again see or hear the explanation for yu's first transformation im sure till the final all out braul with krul or any of the highest vampire lords, into the seraph of the end, and im sure this lastest one with demon horns will similarly be swept under the rug unless it turns out to be permanent (which i wont be lucky enough to be right). Is enough else doubting where the hell this is all going? Cause so far the humans and vampires have managed to not kill anyone of any importance and yu and his squad are playing the same game since the middle of season 1. Thoughts?

  • Watch the newest episode.

  • Seraph of the End: Retreat from Nagoya

  • It kinda makes me think that the only reason humanity still exists at all is because the vampires have allowed it.

  • episode 23 the last episode i watch when the heat is on then boom!!!,,, episode 24 or season 3

  • @shatie35:

    episode 23 the last episode i watch when the heat is on then boom!!!,,, episode 24 or season 3

    I'm not sure what you're saying. Episode 24 comes out on Saturday. That should be the finale, IIRC. Hope they manage to give things a somewhat satisfactory conclusion, but it feels like they'd have to cover a lot of ground in that one episode.

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