Post your feedback on the localization of humor in Funi's anime

  • I had this idea when I was watching Toriko and Sgt. Frog.

    As we all know some jokes don't make sense and have to be replaced when dubbing. Sometimes the localization of the comedy is really clever and topical or even close to the show's theme. Here, we can share thoughts (politely) on how they did.

    Remember, if you are one of the purists that jumps down people's throats for liking humor aimed at anime fans that speak English, please go somewhere else before the Killer Rabbit from Monty Python arrives at your door…

    Note: I am not a Funimation staff member, but thought this might help the staff get an idea of how to make the comedy dubs funnier for the fans.

    I'll start.

    I really like how Sgt. Frog's dub took advantage of making references to things after it aired in Japan to remain topical. Like when Fuyuki says, "that's a VHS player, they made a comeback after blu-ray." And some of the 4th wall breakings that were not in the Japanese version were humorous.

    As someone that always has food on the brain, I strongly appreciate how in the Toriko dub, there are food-themed words in place of swear words. It was so cool that I started doing it in real life. I even heard a dad say, (after I said "what the fork?"), "I think I'll use that around my kid now."

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