Ep 10: Oppression (spoilers)

  • And now, for those who have had the fortitude to stick with the show through the (necessary) fan service, we get an episode with very little nipple display, which will disappoint many, but which gets to the meat of the plot.

    We get some interesting backstory, where we learn what Mermaid was like before Akira took over.

    But mostly, this ep concerns the differences between Akira and Charlotte in the way they govern.

    Akira may have deceived the girls on Mermaid into thinking she was male, but she really did think she was doing the best for them. I think she may have deceived herself as much as anyone; she has insisted all along that she needed to convince "the watchers" that girls with the ARMS virus infection could be civilized and safe.
    ! What she should have doing, of course, was teaching her citizens to defend themselves, so they wouldn't have to depend on her or anyone else for their security.
    ! Charlotte, of course, simply loves power. When she defeats Akira, the girls find out the cost of that dependance.
    ! But Charlotte is eventually going to find out that she's nothing but a figurehead. There is someone else to who she owes her power.


    I reiterate: This is the best series of the season. The stakes are high, interesting questions are being asked, and the answers will make anyone uneasy who cares to look at them.


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