Roku Channel Question

  • Why is there way more anime you can watch off the website compared to the Roku channel?

    I don't have access to the help channel or I would of posted there.

    Can't watch 009 re:cyborg on roku
    Can't watch the new Mobile Suit Gundam on roku past episode two but on the site you can watch up to ep 8

  • You do not have a subscription, that is why. I just looked at mine after being frustrated with the audio error in Seraph of the end and they are all there. Did you think that Funimation would let everyone have access to new content on all platforms for free? No, they are a business. Their goal is to make money, not provide you with free entertainment. If you want to watch all 9 episodes on Roku, then shell out the $5 or so for a subscription. Otherwise stop complaining about wanting free stuff.

  • I can still watch all that stuff on there website, plus its not free there are advertisements that pop up that help pay for it.

  • Again, you are not paying for anything, so what makes you think that you are entitled to access to more services from Funimation? Why do you think that you deserve free entertainment? Funimation does provide general access to some of its services so that prospective customers can sample them and hopefully become paying customers. You know, so they can afford to keep providing people with entertainment and remain a successful business. There is not some magical anime fairy that miracles anime onto the internet and televisions. It costs money to do that, and if you provide noting to offset that cost, you have no right to ask for additional services, and if you do Funimation will not care one bit about what you have to say. They care about the opinions of the people who pay for the advertisements and the people who pay to use their products. After all, we are the ones keeping them in business, not you.

  • He thinks that because he watches that ads that is his version of paying for it.

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