How come there hasn't been any news Updates for 2 weeks?

  • Hi,

    How come Since they Announced the Date A Live II cast, there hasn't been any news updates on the blog for 2 weeks? Last week, there was no news.

    I've notice there has been less news updates lately since Michelle left. I don't know what is going on at Funimation? what is the latest?

  • Probably nothing has been going on.

  • large gaps have happened while Michelle was there as well.

  • Multiple announcments are sometimes made in the same blog post and might cover an extended period of time, depending on what news is available at the time of each blog post, so some weeks might have plenty of new dubs or simulcasts being announced but just one or two blog posts. Plus, a lot of things don't get an official update until a month or less leading up to the actual air date. Probably a lot will be announced soon as the current anime season wraps up shortly.

  • It really is as simple as there's been nothing new to announce. Closest thing that I would even think to expect in terms of news at this point in time would be a sale, a con announcement or maybe like a cast list but that's it. I'd say wait closer to anytime after New Year's because by then I'm pretty sure we'll be SWIMMING in simulcast news and announcements.

    Case you're curious what's coming out in the new season, here's an idea of what to expect:

    Just a head's up, Dimension W has already been confirmed to be a Funimation title, and Assassination Classroom was confirmed back in Otakon. Also safe bet to assume that both Snow White with the Red Hair and Fairy Tail ZERO are pretty safe bets for Funimation too, alongside returning cour shows like Heavy Object and GARO: Crimson Moon.

  • Yeah the only thing that should be announced by the end of next week should be the full March 2016 Home Video release schedule

  • oh look, a cast list for no-rin just popped up

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