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  • I have noticed that many of my favorite shows have music that i would like to listen to again and again, and I would like to suggest that soundtracks to the various shows be made available on CD or MP3; I know that I for one would be interested in purchasing anime music

  • We normally aren't able to get those rights, unfortunately. Lots of anime music is available on iTunes, though, from the Japanese music label. Sometimes, we work with our Japanese partners to offer soundtracks with physical releases, but it's very rare.

    I found this:

  • Importing anime soundtracks isn't that expensive. So if you really like a particular show you can buy the Japanese soundtrack.

  • ^I agree. If there's a song or soundtrack that you really really want and it isn't available through the US iTunes store then importing is really easy. I just got Noragami OST 1 in the mail from CDJapan about a week ago, for instance. It cost a little under $30 total, and took about 2 weeks to get to me with one of the slowest shipping methods, which is about average in my experience. This time of year it can and will take longer though, and it's best to use insured methods during the December rush.

    For importing, you will need a credit card that allows international transactions. Call your bank/card issuer if you are unsure about that, and there's usually about a 3% currency conversion fee per transaction. Amazon JP and CDJapan are good stores to look at, and CDJapan also takes PayPal. There's also or US Amazon, but those have additional markup and they don't have the selection that a Japanese shop will have.

    You can also buy Japanese iTunes gift cards through J-list and the like and use those to download music from the JP iTunes store. You'll either need some Japanese skills or at least be good at finding and then copy/pasting the kanji into the search though. Never bothered with this method myself.

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