Anime club

  • what do you think of a anime club that was public and we did meet weekly or more but it was only talking making new friends and playing in the park in the summers and maybe winter and we could get a anime club game groups online and have a chat group on Skype and anything else as every one has this now.

    what do you think about this is this something you may like or sound fun as this can be 24/7 thing you can do it public and at home with no time or space limiting your life.

    what do you think about age limit as a 18 groups as we know allot of the fans are adult and anime and manga aren't so clean or that public in the usa so you think a 18 group for anime club to be open and free to talk about anything with out getting group banned or someone arrest in public meeting and online as child abuse as anything as minor is really a sensitive area and we don't really wanna mess

    there some rules on it we can openly talk about anything and maybe adult things as arts or figures and some other in a limit way so people wont get mad and basic rules

    what do you think does this sound good for you?

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