Signing in and Signing out should take us back to the previous page we are on.

  • Stop sending us to the shop whenever we login or logout its annoying especially if i happen to be on an episode and have to sign in only to be sent straight to the shop when i do, its completely user unfriendly.

  • I second this!

  • Something similar to the start-page function for logging in would be nice, and with an apparent redesign for everything in the works this is definitely something they should consider.

  • @michaelfox310:

    Stop sending us to the shop whenever we login or logout its annoying

    Sounds familiar…

    Originally Posted by JoeSubscriber

    But, Sophie, what if I just want to go straight to what I want on this website right from when I type in ""?

    I'm glad you asked, Joe Subscriber. Since you're a subscriber, you can do just that by setting your own custom start page.

    Head on over to your Account > Site & Profile Settings and set your Start Page. As long as you stay logged in and are cookied, will always take you to your Start Page. If you happen to delete your cookies, don't worry. As soon as you log in, you'll have your Start Page again.

  • That custom start page doesn't help if i was watching an anime….. I would prefer to be on the previous page i was on rather than some random page i have to set. :| Absolutely no other anime site does this. CR doesn't do it, daisuki doesn't do it so why should funimation be any different, or are they really trying that hard to piss off their users.

  • The custom start page has nothing to do with being redirected to Shop. It's really only useful if you choose to remain logged in even after leaving the site and closing your browser. Basically, if you closed your browser, but didn't clear your cookies, the site will just automatically log you in and bring you to - not the shop page, but the main page. Now, if you don't want to keep going to this page, the custom start page allows you go to a different one. This feature actually works really well if you are watching anime because you can make the page your Queue.

    In response to the above suggestion, though, yes, this will be fixed, but it will need to wait until the larger update to the site. This larger update is coming next year. Here's what the current situation is:

    The Shop and the rest of the site - what we call "Non-Shop" - are two completely different sites that are linked via SSO. Any page URL beginning with is Non-Shop. Any page URL beginning with is Shop. This means that when you log in to one, you are logged in to the other. We designed the two to look the same, so that the experience would seem to be seamless. Ideally, logging in from any page on either Shop or Non-Shop should redirect you back to where you were, and we did want it to be that way. The problem we have is that Shop doesn't understand that it is not alone and cannot be made to understand that.

    If you log in from a product detail page in the Shop like, you will be redirected to that page. However, if you log in from outside of Shop like from, you will be redirected to the Shop Home page. Because the Shop doesn't have a page logged that you were previously on, it is defaulting to its own home page.

  • Woot also noticed that we now no longer stay logged in between certain pages when switching to the forums.

  • @michaelfox310 - You should stay logged in between Non-Shop and the Forum. Try refreshing if you notice you aren't logged in, but were on a video player page for example. Sometimes it takes a refresh on the Forum and the Blog if you log in from a Non-Shop page like a show site or the Home page.

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