Is there a way to have the ps4 app play SD?

  • We have a funimation subscription that we have been using on our Roku. Because we have a 100gb cap on our internet (and two teenagers) we always set the video quality to SD. Our Roku died today, so I downloaded the PS4 funimation app. It loads really fast however, I couldn't find a setting to change the video quality. Is there such a setting in the PS4 app?

    Oh and please don't tell me to just get a better internet provider. Where we live it's either this or satellite which is even more limiting. We are actually lucky to have this service which only went in 3 years ago. We don't have access to DSL or Cable at all.

    Thank you

  • There's not currently a setting on the PlayStation app that allows SD streaming or data caps. However, this feature is already under development for a future update for the app.

    That doesn't help you right now, unfortunately, but we are aware of users like yourself and are working to make the service on PlayStation better for you. ^_^

    It should be possible to limit data at the router level as well, though this will limit data for all devices on that connection. In your situation, that sounds like that might be a solution worth exploring. Our techs can give you some more information about this if you make a ticket with the reason code "Sony".

    However, depending on your set up you may get faster results asking Google how to do that. :D

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