Which season did you like more?

  • Which season did you like more 1 or 2?

    I personally thought 1 was better because I feel there was a lot more character development. I personally love character development in shows. Shuffle is a good example. I thought second season was lacking in that regard in an overall sense. Thats excluding the Sister brother aspect of character development.

    On a side note my biggest hatred for this show is the absolute retard enemies. I hate those novas. I feel they got lazy and came up with a stupid enemy just to cut corners and save time. The novas have to be the stupidest enemy i have ever seen and I thought DB/DBZ has stupid enemies at many points.

  • Personally I thought Season 1 was better, It was better paced, although I was really disappointed about the violence tone down in both seasons.

    (In the manga, The Season 1 fight with Miyabi, Sattelizer actually runs Miyabi through with her Volt Weapon. In Season 2 In the Fight with Chiffon, Chiffon Literally Disarms Rana Linchen during the fight with Rana and Sattelizer.

    Season 2, in my opinion, Jamie Marchi was a little too over the top as Rana, and it was almost a parody of her Season 1 performance, which was outstanding, and was probably due to the change in ADR's between Season 1 and 2. The pacing was off a bit, and then trying to cram the detestable Siblings arc in the middle of the Alaska arc hurt the story overall. (In the manga that arc happens before the Alaska arc. I did like the symbolism used in the arc with Chains and all, just a personal issue with the arc in general)

  • interesting points. I dont recall Ranas acting because i have already forgot :/

    What is ADR?

  • @waker:

    What is ADR?

    Automated Dialogue Replacement, aka "dubbing".

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