DVD question.

  • I've been borrowing my brother's Yu Yu Hakusho DVDs. My preferred method of watching DVDs is on my laptop, but for whatever reason, this particular DVD won't even register as having something to play. It works just fine on my bro's XBox One. Is this an effort to prevent pirating?

  • So it's not even showing up under "my computer" in your disc drive?

  • It shows up, but it's not a video file that you can play. There are two folders: Audio and Video, with about a hundred small individual files in each folder that won't show up on any of the players I have installed.

    My laptop has been funky lately, so I thought autoplay was broken, but I tried it on a different DVD and it worked fine. It's just these Yu Yu Hakusho DVDs that won't work. I'm not at my house, so I don't know if it's all my Funimation DVDs, or just these.

  • So you're seeing folders like AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS in a "Files Currently on Disc" menu? I opened up one of my old FMA DVDs (oldest Funi ones I've got, the 4 eps/disc part sets) and that's what I saw. Are you double-clicking on the disc on that "my computer" menu? Try right-clicking and then selecting "play" using whichever media player you prefer, if possible.

    This is weird, I've never run into a problem like this. :\ I don't have YYH so I can't directly compare what my computer does with it. Do you have access to another computer where you could see if it does the same thing?

    edit: I should note that I had to intentionally go looking for the files on the FMA DVD, my computer plays them fine using either Windows Media or VLC, alternate angles and all.

  • I lot of the older FUNi DVDs like FMA and YYH have issues playing on computers. It has something to do with how they provided alternate angles for the English and Japanese credits, I believe.

    I think I was able to figure out some way to work around it, but I don't exactly remember the details. Sorry. :hmm:

  • Thanks for the info! I was afraid my laptop was going out on me.

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